Hello and Welcome to my website. My name is Jeanice Barcelo and I am an educator and activist, as well as a TV and radio show host, and a birth trauma prevention specialist.

My work is dedicated to awakening humanity to the keys to healing our condition. To those of us who are awake at this time, it is clear that we are living in a culture of, death, disease, and destruction. Our species has brought the entire ecosphere to the brink of annihilation, and as a result, we have endangered ourselves and other life forms. We must either become aware of what has caused us to get to this place and take steps to eradicate and transform the evil, or we will perish, taking much of life with us.

My work involves exposing the forces that have pushed us to this place. I speak extensively about the dark side of modern medicine, especially as it concerns technological birth. I am also outspoken about things like vaccines, circumcision, mind-control, satanism, ritual abuse, chemtrails, GMOs, nuclear radiation, child abuse, child trafficking, and much more. I host a TV show on The People’s Voice (http://thepeoplesvoice.tv) that airs every Thursday from 8-9pm US eastern, and I also host a radio show on Freedomizer Radio (http://freedomizerradio.com) that airs every Wednesday from 4:30-6pm US eastern.

When I am not speaking out about the myriad ways we are being attacked by the dark side, I am teaching classes about how to heal the dilemma we find ourselves in at this time.

Without a doubt, we have the power to transform our world. And one of the major and most important keys to this transformation involves changing the way we have sex and bring forth children. In a culture where children are conceived as a side-effect of fleshy indulgence, and where haphazard conception is the norm, children are born to parents who do not want them, and millions and millions are suffering. Unwanted babies carry lifelong imprints which convince them they are not lovable and will never be loved. Their traumatic womb experience is often followed by a traumatic birth, which is often followed by an inability to bond with their mother (and/or father), and an inability to attract and create authentic experiences of human love throughout life.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of women each year literally murder their own children through abortion — and most of them are doing this in exchange for a few minutes of fleeting physical gratification. The body parts of aborted human babies are ending up in vaccines and also in our food supply (thanks to companies like Senomyx), rendering our genetic integrity bankrupt and causing us to devolve into cannibalism. (For more information on this, please visit my blog at http://BirthofaNewEarth.blogspot.com). All of this is a clear sign that human sexuality has been corrupted and that our life force potential is now operating in service to the dark side.

And while schools today hand out condoms to children as young as 11, and encouraging young adults to have “have sex,” “have sex,” “have sex,” not a single institution (that I am aware of) has taken on the task of educating young people on the topics of healthy relationships, gentle birth, or conscious parenting.

My work is intended to fill a void in this area and thereby make a dent in the creation of a New Earth through the Birth of a New Humanity.

Childbirth is a shamanic initiation. It is a doorway through which we may experience transcendent union with the divine. We, as humans, have the capacity to create ecstatic and orgasmic spiritual experiences during conception, gestation and childbirth. However, in order to reach this transcendent way of procreating, we must shift our focus away from the current trauma-based paradigm of conception and birth and make a commitment to move our sexual energy into alignment with its life-creating potential. It is my belief that conscious conception, followed-by a trauma-free gestation and a gentle, joyous, birth will allow the entire family to experience the neurobiology of love at birth — which will lay the foundation for the preservation of love in that family forever.

I am committed to assisting humanity in moving toward the reclamation of our inherent right to experience a love-filled life. To this end, I have created a 20-week curriculum designed to educate about the importance of conscious procreation and the benefits of doing preparatory work PRIOR TO THE CONCEPTION OF CHILDREN.  I offer a 16-week teacher training for those interested to teach the Birth of a New Earth Curriculum, and I offer various courses for the empowerment of men and for the healing of trauma — all designed to uplift our species through the restoration of human love.

For more information about classes, trainings, or speaking engagements, please e-mail jeanicebarcelo@yahoo.com.

7 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Congratulations on all your success! Many blessings to you and all your endeavors. I would love very much to be a part of your community on Maui. Please keep me updated on the details.
    Love, Angela Mandato

  2. A noble and necessary endeavour. Thankyou Jeanice for being able to take your pain and turn it into a healing for the world. These understandings are crucial to aligning ourselves with higher thinkings. big love to you, tree

  3. My love and support goes to you in your enormously important work. I am also dedicated to working with the Golden Age Children, their parents and their educators. I am thrilled to see your part of the jig-saw puzzle in place as we peice our new earth together. I have just listened to a two-hour interview of yours on Lenon Honour’s show and was so excited to hear your amazing grasp of the bigger picture of so many complex issues regarding the interference with humanity’s expreince on Planet Earth. Many Blessings, Annette Hanham, New Zealand

  4. Your wisdom and forthright purpose will assist all who read herein, and I applaud your intelligence, dedication and candor.

  5. Thank you for all you do Jeanice! God bless you too. Love your interviews, your radio talks. And I am not surprised they do not let you give this type of education in schools since their agenda is the very opposite, they want to breed flawed, apathetic robots. THank you again for all you do!

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