Excerpt from TV Show dedicated to the education and empowerment of future parents. Discussions include pertinent, life-changing information about issues relating to conscious conception, trauma-free pregnancy, gentle/ecstatic/orgasmic birth, and conscious parenting. The show takes a critical look at the current trauma-based paradigm of technological birth and offers practical information about how to heal traumatic imprints and protect mothers, infants, and families from the violence of technological interventions.

This excerpt focuses on youth, sexuality, haphazard conception and the need to shift our energies toward conscious procreation.

This excerpt focuses on pornography, circumcision, and the primal causes of male rage against the feminine.

This excerpt focuses on the common hospital practice of separating mother and baby at birth and the premature cutting of the umbilical cord.

This clip discusses orgasmic birth and lotus birth and includes an excerpt from Elena Tonetti’s DVD, “Birth As We Know It.”

This excerpt focuses on the premature cutting of the umbilical, the extreme trauma of hospital birth, the tendency of humans to recreate patterns of trauma throughout life in an effort to create resolution, and the need to generate LOVING imprints — right from the moment of conception, through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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