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Birth of a New Earth Radio is pleased to announce its new television show with The People’s Voice – The show airs every Thursday from 8-9pm US eastern and is committed to bringing forth important information regarding mind-control, psychopathy, satanism, luciferianism, pedophilia, child abuse, genocide, nuclear radiation, chemtrails, HAARP, weather modification, GMOs, vegetarianism, animal abuse, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, hospital/medical abuse, hospital birth vs. homebirth, birth trauma, trauma in the womb, abortion, human sexuality, lust vs. love, pornography, and more.


This show is being offered for the express purpose of opening a channel for The Truth to be made known so that we may create a major victory for the Forces of Love here on Earth. Every show is dedicated to that end.

I am actively looking for sponsors for my show. If you have a product or a business that you would like to advertise and that might be a good match for the content of my show, please email Jeanice Barcelo with your ideas. I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, please enjoy my archives below.

Have a suggestion for a show? Please email with your guest and topic ideas.


Please enjoy these archives!


1-29-14 – Tonight, on The People’s Voice, Jeanice Barcelo interviews Kerth Barker, survivor of satanic abuse. Kerth was born into an intergenerational satanic bloodline and was exposed to satanic abuse and mind-control as a child. Kerth describes some of the hideous forms of abuse that he was subjected to and he shares about modalities that can be used for healing. He also describes the methods by which members of the Illuminati create their money, most of which is generated through indifference to all of life. For those interested to get a glimpse into the minds of the ruling psychopaths, this interview is a must see.

1-22-14 – Tonight, on The People’s Voice, Jeanice Barcelo interviews Dr. Rebecca Carley about the evil that permeates the medical system. This is an in-depth and far-reaching conversation that includes dialogue about euthanasia, blood transfusions, medical experimentation without consent, research fraud, vaccines as biological weapons, autism, the rape of autistic children, the rape of medical patients — especially during hospital birth, birth trauma, trauma-based mind-control, circumcision, satanism/luciferianism, psychopathy, Agenda 21, and the deliberate attempt to kill and/or render infertile and/or genetically mutate the human race. This is a very important show. Not to be missed.

1-15-14 – Tonight, on The People’s Voice, Jeanice Barcelo interviews JB (Bruce) Campbell, creator of the American militia movement in the 1980s. JB says that all government is a life-destroying cancer, but that nothing compares to the US government in terms of the level of fraud, theft, waste, spying, and mass murder. JB argues that there should be no central government and that we need a political party that seeks no power over the people. And so he is creating the militant American Defense Party as a means of organizing self-defense against the psychopaths in the federal government. The American Defense Party would also be responsible for distributing debt-free money, eliminating the United Nations, and banning things like vaccines, nuclear power, GMO foods, and much more. To learn more about JB Campbell and the American Defense Party, please visit: and

12-18-13- Today, Jeanice interviews Miko Peled about the evils being perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the Israeli military. Miko was born into a very patriotic Israeli family. His father was a top general in the Israeli military and, later in his life, he began speaking out for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Miko has followed in his father’s footsteps, being a strong voice for Truth and speaking out about remedies that will end the decades-long Israeli occupation of Palestine. Miko speaks with brutal honesty about the racist, apartheid Israeli state and the deliberate attacks on the Palestinian people who have had their homes, their land, and their dignity stolen. Miko is the author of a book entitled “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,” which can be found on his website at To learn more about Miko, please also visit

12-19-13 – Tonight, on The People’s Voice, Jeanice Barcelo interviews Dr. Paul Byrne, board certified pediatrician and neonatal and perinatal medicine specialist. Dr. Byrne is a filmmaker and the author of numerous articles on “brain death,” organ transplantation, anti-euthanasia, anti-abortion, and more. Dr. Byrne reveals the shadow side of modern medicine and shares important information about the concept of “brain death” which, he said, is a fictional term and not indicative of death at all. The term has been created to legalize the removal of healthy organs from LIVING people, who are paralyzed while they are having their hearts and other organs taken out of their bodies, but who are given no anesthesia. This is the same thing happening to infants in neonatal intensive care units, where babies are often operated on without anesthesia and where they are paralyzed during repetitive and extremely painful procedures, unable to move, but feeling everything the medical people are doing to them. This is a show you do not want to miss.

12-12-13 – Birth of a New Earth TV with guests Bonnie and John Mitchell from Discussion is about television mind control, black magic, sigil magik, mnemonic circles, hypnotic countdowns, harmonics, and more — all used to control the mind.

11-18-13 – Birth of a New Earth TV with guest Kevin Annett. Kevin is exposing Vatican crimes including child rape, child torture, child trafficking, child murder, genocide, and satanism. He has created common law courts that have brought forth an historic lawsuit against the Church and The Crown of England, and his work has caused Pope Benedict to resign from his position as Pope and hide out in the Vatican to avoid arrest. This is a most important show.


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