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Birth of a New Earth is pleased to announce the creation of a brand new educational series designed specifically for men. This revolutionary 12-week program is being offered — first on Maui and then worldwide — as a means to uplift the masculine energy on planet Earth and to help fill a void that runs very deep in our culture due to its tendency to focus on women’s role during pregnancy and birth while relegating men to the peripheral background.

Throughout the western world, there is virtually no education or support for future fathers. The lack of information regarding the masculine role during the conception, pregnancy, and birth phases of family life has left many men feeling alienated and confused during the gestation and birth of their children. Assigned the menial position of “spare part” by their culture and by the medical profession, men have been denied the opportunity to enact their full power during pregnancy and birth, often losing the respect of their partners and unable to fully bond with their children. The alienation and isolation that fathers feel during the childbearing year is at least partially responsible for the breakdown of family love on our planet and the reason why men are leaving their families in droves. It is imperative for us as a species to reverse this negative trend and re-establish the important role of the masculine as it relates to bringing forth new life.

This series is intended to call men forward into their full power and potency and will be a forum to discuss a variety of topics including human sexuality, male/female relationships, the western definition of “masculinity,” the importance of the preconception and conception phases of childbirth, and the vital part that men need to play during the gestation and birth of their children.

If you or someone you know would like to participate, please contact

Please help spread the word.

If you are inspired by this endeavor and would like to support it, donations can be made by clicking on the paypal “donate” button below.


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