By Jeanice Barcelo

Sacred Makena
Breast of the Mother
and Primal oceans of sound
Pristine beauty
and crystalline waters
Our love for you knows no bounds

Your magnificence awes us
And touches all souls
And assists us to remember
That God is nature
And God is love
And this is true forever

Stop the bulldozers!
Stop the hatred
Of nature and the Mother
Humanity needs love
The Earth needs healing
We need to unite with one another

Standing strong
Courageous and determined
Let’s plant the ultimate seed
And make a promise
For all tomorrows
No more nasty deeds

Whales being mutilated
Turtles with cancer
Toxic golf courses lining our roads
A mockery of government
And a travesty of justice
I tell you my friends, there is evil amongst us

But enough is enough
We’re tired of destruction
And endless trails of greed
We love this land
We love the Mama
It is SHE who fulfills our needs

So forget about jobs
And forget about money
Our sustenance comes from Source
The dark lords have tricked us
Through lies and deceit
And taken us down the wrong course

But we are awakening
To the truth of our power
And that truth lies within Hawaiian soil
We will not allow
The dark lords to destroy us
Or convince us to labor and toil

At work that would kill us
And provide us no meaning
And take us away from God
Each life has a purpose
Special gifts that God gave us
And it’s time that we all did our part

In healing our planet
And protecting our Mother
And the creatures that share this life
We love you Makena
We love you Great Mama
And we promise to end this strife

For the beauty of life
Can be felt on your land
And there is no greater place on Earth
To bring forth our children
To create our new Heaven
To uphold the sacredness of birth

And life in a body
And spirit in matter
And the union of woman and man
This land is sacred!
This place is our church
And we commit to do all that we can

To protect its heritage
To honor its beauty,
To uphold the law of the land
Aloha Aina
Aloha ke Akua
Aloha in each grain of sand

We love you Makena
We love you Great Mama
From now until death do us part
We stand united
In prayer and forgiveness
We’re ready to make a new start

By Jeanice Barcelo

In some of our innermost places
Lying deep within our bones
There is an eternal knowing
Of the place that is our home

Perhaps we’re not even born there
And it’s miles and miles away
Yet, once we finally arrive there
We know we are meant to stay

All “homes” that have come before it
Will have generated a deep inner longing
For the true place our soul is meant to reside
A place where we feel true belonging

Indeed, we’ve created a soul shift
When we finally reach this place
And move into vibrational alignment
Bridging worlds of time and space

As for me, my own personal journey
Has been a definite rugged road
Filled with years of a deep inner longing
To create my heavenly Earthly abode

Then one day I finally arrived
At a place called Makena, Big Beach
I stood on the land at the south end
And I knew I no longer needed to reach

When a voice I recognized spoke inside me
And said “This is the land of the Mother
You must honor and remember the old ways
And unite all your sisters and brothers

All about you stands the brilliance of creation
The forces from which all life emerge
Deep stirrings of ecstasy bring the lava
Birth erupts from Her deep erotic caves

Notice Maui – she’s shaped like a woman
And Makena sits right at her breast
Kaho’olawe is Her infant that’s crying
Due to abuse and emotional neglect

The story of this land remains hidden
But to those whose hearts remain true
The truth will be known and remembered
And the time to share will soon come due

Keep this wisdom in your heart, at your bosom
And listen closely to the natural world
To the whales who make love and give birth here
To the dolphins as they make love in swirls

Please know that your search is now over
And you no longer need to roam
You’ve been entrusted with the wisdom of the Mother
And this land is the place you call Home”

I sat there that day on a stone altar
A place to which I would often return
Seeking solace and connection to the Mother
Wanting to absorb everything there was to learn

And I knew that my destiny sat there with me
Holding my hand as I uncovered my fate
And pieces of my life flashed before me
As I stood ready to walk through the next gate

Mother Maui has nurtured and adored me
Through all of my suffering and pain
She has guided me, gently and softly
To the core of love that is at the heart of this game

And although my ‘home” is now walled-off and gated
Making it more difficult to access and connect
I must trust that love will prevail here
And make done with this government elect

Makena is the sanctuary of the Goddess
It is the place for us to come and give birth
To honor our sacred sexuality
And the procreative dance of Heaven and Earth

It is not for the mundane or the profane
Those energies will feel strangely out-of-place
It is for primal, passionate, power
Unmitigated joy, eternal bliss, ecstatic grace

So be gone all greed-erected structures
And money-hungry vampires with holes in your hearts
Take your business to some other dimension
Preferably one that’s several galaxies apart

The work of LOVE is to be done at Makena
And no matter how long you continue to try
Your imp-like attempts to destroy Her
Will make you be the ones who will die

Heed these words, all lovers of Hawaii
The time is fast approaching toward change
Surges of love are soon to be expected
Let’s make sure we stay within range

Transmitting waves of love and acceptance
Sending our heart prayers into the Earth
Knowing fully what happens is necessary
To wash away the old and make room for new birth

And as the waves crash in all around us
Tossing us ecstatically in their delicious foam
Let us shout from the top of every rooftop
That THIS is the place we call Home

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