Restoring love in families through conscious procreation
and transforming the Earth by transforming the way we give birth.



Birth of a New Earth is pleased to announce its intention to bring forth an international, spiritually-based, preparatory school/center that will teach the principles of conscious procreation to future parents, birth professionals, and those interested in personal healing and development.

Located on Maui, and based on the vision outlined in the Ringing Cedars series of books written by Vladimir Megre (, the school is being brought forth as an antidote to the current trauma-based paradigm of unconscious conception and technological birth.

The school will focus on the keys to preserving love in families and offer teachings that emphasize the importance of doing preparatory work PRIOR TO THE CONCEPTION OF CHILDREN. Classes will outline the importance of conscious procreation and take students from A to Z on the principles of creating a proper preconception environment, conceiving babies consciously, gestating babies in trauma-free wombs, birthing babies in the most gentle and loving environments, and parenting them in the most conscious way. Special classes for future fathers will also be included so that men will have a deeper understanding of the critical role they need to play in bringing forth new life.

Photo by Patti Ramos
Also included will be a variety of programs that will help future parents explore their own prenatal and birth experiences. This aspect of preconception preparation will be stressed in order to ensure that negative imprinting from previous technological births will not be recapitulated during future births.

The Center will offer access to some of the finest teachers, teachings, and trainings, as well as workshops and seminars, teacher trainings and film festivals, and a newly added 12-week curriculum designed especially for men.

Access to the best healing modalities and treatments for the resolution and prevention of prenatal and birth trauma will also be available as will certification trainings for those wishing to practice and teach these modalities.

The anticipated date for the opening of this facility is September, 2012. We are actively raising funds for the creation of this school, which will be the first of its kind to exist anywhere on planet Earth.

If you are moved by this endeavor and would like to support it financially, please follow this link and make the kind of donation that feels really good to you.


Thank your for taking the time to read this post and for supporting the birth of a new humanity.

For more information, please e-mail

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