The Blossoming Rosebud

The Blossoming Rosebud
By Jeanice Barcelo

Once upon a time, in a lush and fertile garden, there lived a blossoming rosebud that longed to be fully bloomed. Each day, the rosebud would wake up and look around her, and even though she was surrounded by many other beautiful roses and flowers, she felt sad and somewhat isolated, and terribly insecure. All the other flowers seemed to be much more developed and beautiful than she was, and one could not help but notice their exquisite radiance and odor. Why, the blossoming rosebud wondered, in a world with so many fully developed flowers, was it taking her so long to bloom?

Many beings, from all walks of life, seemed to appreciate the beauty and the radiance of the more developed flowers. Yet her gifts were going almost completely unnoticed. Even the raindrops seemed to be more attracted to the other flowers, for the land they were growing in looked moist and fertile while her little patch remained dry and parched. With a deep sigh, the blossoming rosebud resigned herself to her fate, succumbing to the belief that a blossoming rosebud could not expect to attract the same level of nourishment and attention as flowers that were already fully bloomed.

But then one day a remarkable thing happened which caused the blossoming rosebud to ponder her universe anew. All at once, a beautiful man walked into that garden and as he came close to the area where the blossoming bud stood, he stopped himself in his tracks and began staring directly at the barely opening bud. Completely oblivious to the beauty of all the other flowers around him, this man, for whatever reason, chose to focus all of his attention on her.

Now this was a VERY new experience indeed and the blossoming rosebud did not yet fully understand what the man actually saw in her or how profoundly this experience was about to change her life. All around them were a multitude of heavenly smelling, remarkably beautiful flowers. Yet, this man just kept staring and remarking about her.

Finally, in spite of her insecurity and doubts about her own worth, the blossoming rosebud began to notice how incredibly electric and expanded she felt – all as a result of being fully seen. In the simple act of receiving this man’s authentic and appreciative gaze, the blossoming bud was completely and cellularly transformed.

Suddenly, as if in response to the appreciation she saw pouring out of this man’s eyes, her petals began to open and her scent began to permeate the entire area. In what seemed to be the blink of an eye, her entire being had sprouted and all at once she felt as if she were the most beautiful and radiant being alive.

The skies opened up in that moment, and buckets and buckets of rain began to fall from their heavenly perch. As each drop touched the parched earth on which she lived, she felt nourished and delighted, as if dancing on air. At last, she was able to shine in her full beauty and potential and for the first time in her life, she was acknowledged and received and completely adored!

The newly developed rose was able to uplift the spirits of many a blossoming bud – simply through the simple act of sharing her story. The hope and fulfillment that she conveyed brought a plethora of healing to the hearts and souls of the not-yet-fully-developed flowers. As they listened to the developed rose’s story, they too, were inspired to believe that someday – very soon – they would be receiving the blessings necessary to become fully bloomed.

The fully developed rose gave thanks to the Creator of All That Is for delivering the gaze of the beautiful man and for sending her exactly what she needed in order to fully blossom and grow.

At long last, the waiting was over. The blossoming rosebud was fully bloomed.

One thought on “The Blossoming Rosebud

  1. My unassisted birth experience gave me the same feeling as the blossoming rose, only instead of a man gazing at my petals it was a son breathing in peace and privacy in the comfort of family and home.

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